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Sunday, June 14, 2015

12 Killer Tips to Improve the Alexa Rank of a Blog or Website

12 Killer Tips to Improve Alexa Rank | How to Increase Alexa Rank | Top ways to Boost Alexa Rank

The rank of a website decides the popularity and the cost of sell of direct advertisement of a website. There are many ranking websites available on the internet that decides the approximate world wide rank of a blog or a website. But among them, the most popular are Google Page Rank and Alexa Rank. Google Page Rank, as you know the most popular and decides your blog or website rank out of 10. The priority given after Google Page Rank is Alexa by expert webmasters. 
12 killer tips to improve alexa rank
Alexa provides a unique rank to each and every website all over the world. Most of the advertisers approaches to your blog or website based on the alexa rank. So it is important for every blogger to maintain their alexa rank. In this article, I have explained about What is Alexa Rank and How to boost your blog's alexa rank in less time. Most of the newbies bloggers are struggling to get good alexa rank but they are unsuccessful. But after reading this article, you will understand on what basis Alexa is ranking your blog. 

[Note: Please keep in your mind that Alexa rank is not helpful to get approved Google Adsense account (It is just a ranking factor). So lets see the basic factors that decides your blog rank.]

What is Alexa?
Alexa is nothing but a ranking website developed by Amazon that decides the rank of a website over the world. It collects the web information of each and every website available on the internet and then ranks a website. Alexa rank a website on the basis of traffic, black links, contents and many more factors. Every day it updates Global rank as well as specific country rank of a website. According to Alexa, popular websites/blogs has less Rank.

Tips to Increase or Boost Alexa Rank of a website:
#1. Claim your blog/website on Alexa
Claiming or verifying your blog on Alexa means you are adding or listing your website on the Alexa directory. This is almost same as Google Analytics, Bing Webmaster tools etc. It gives you full control to manage your site on Alexa. Apart from this, this helps other to know who is the admin of that blog. It is helpful to get better Alexa rank of your website.

#2. Add Alexa Widget to your Blog
Alexa widget is a widget that shows the Rank and Black links of a blog on their blog. Alexa ranking system counts the hit that comes under their system. It is a better way to rank well all over the world. It is really waste of time to ask your reader to install Alexa tool bar on their browser. Alexa widget is a simple HTML or Java code and you can easily put it on your blog widget section. Put the code and increase your Alexa rank very quickly because it counts all the visitors coming to your blog.

#3. Add Alexa Extension to your Browser
Alexa Toolbar is a chrome or Firefox extension that counts the traffic or rank of a website in search result. It shows the rank of each and every website that you search on your browser. You can also ask your friends, bloggers, readers to install Alexa toolbar on their browser. As i said that alexa counts the traffic that comes under their widget or toolbar. So, In this way you can quickly increase your Alexa Rank. 

#4. Post Content related to Technology, Blogging and Internet Marketing
Post article that relates to technology, blogging and marketing will definitely help you to boost your alexa rank very quickly. This is because almost the readers who reads article on this niche are SEO, Bloggers, web masters and internet marketers etc. And these readers have alexa tool bar installed on their browser. 

#5. Blacklinks and Commenting on other blogs
Number of blacklinks is a key factor to get better alexa rank of your website. Blacklinks also increase to get top rank in Google search. You can increase the blacklinks of a website by commenting on other blog of same niche. Suppose your blog is on technology niche than you should comment on other blog that is based on technology.  

#6. Post Quality Content
If you are a blogger then you must know that Content is King. If you are posting an article that consists of more than 500 plus words then your blog will get better rank. Quality content not only increase your alexa rank but also help your blog to rank well in search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and many more.

#7. Update your Blog Regularly
Maintaining and updating your blog on weekly basis will surely boost your alexa rank. If you are not updating your blog then there is a possibility that your alexa rank goes on decreasing and again getting better rank takes much time. So We recommend you to always post at least an article in every Ten days to maintain your rank. 

#8. Post a Review about Alexa
Every website like positive reviews. So write a good review about Alexa Rank on your blog and give a blacklink to In this way Alexa will pay full attention to your website and hence increase your blog rank.

#9. Submit Your Website URL on top Directories
Whether your Alexa rank is low or high, that do not matters all time. But if you have not submitted your website URL to top directories like Google webmaster tool, Yahoo or Bing webmaster tools then you can loose your organic traffic. So, if you want to see good alexa rank and better traffic, then it is essential for you to submit your blog url on top search directories.

#10. Fix or Remove Broken Links
A website or blog having large number of broken links gets lots of disadvantages. These disadvantages are they may loose traffic, blacklinks, get disapproved by Google Adsense, get lower page rank and results in decrease of Alexa rank. So considering all this disadvantages, you should avoid, remove or fix all broken links available on your blog. 

#11. Share your blog on Social sites
All I can say is "sharing is caring". If you share your blog's article on social sites like facebook, twitter, Google plus and many more then you can increase your traffic as well as rank of your website. This helps your facebook friends and users to know about your blog. 

#12. Avoid Sub-domain
I have also seen that the blog having custom domain are ranking well in Google as well as Alexa. Blog url having sub-domain like .blogspot, etc. takes more time as compared to custom domain to get better rank. This is not always true but there is a possibility. 

Final Words:
After summing up all these secrets, you need to post quality contents, increase blacklinks by commenting and writing guest post on other blogs, share your blog on social sites, install alexa toolbar and add Alexa widget to your blog. If you find this article useful then Share it on social sites to help your facebook friends, newbies bloggers and others. Feel free to get in touch with us via comment section or contact form. Happy Blogging and stay updated with us!.

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    Thanks for sharing this post, We are having Regular posting in our blogs, but still we are facing to increase alexa ranking, any other short cut ways to increase alexa ranking


    1. Thanks Kuch for sharing your views.... All the 12 points listed above are enough to boost your Alexa Rank. Install Alexa Toolbar in your browser, this may help you a lot. Keep visiting.. :)

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