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Saturday, May 28, 2016

How to Make Big Money Online With a Blog or Website

How to earn money from Adsense or Affiliate Programs/ Ways to Make money Online With a Website or Blog/ How to make money by Selling Ad space.

It is really quite complex or difficult task to create and develop a blog or website and then getting a huge traffic. It takes a lot of your valuable time as well as effort. If you want to became a professional blogger then you have to be patience and must be dedicated. Am I right? For achieving a goal, Hard work and dedication (Labour + Dedication) plays an essential role in every steps of our journey. The word "Dedication" will stay alive if you start making some decent money from blogging.
How to Make Big Money Online With a Blog or Website

In this article, I have short-listed few points that will help you a lot to get paid just by blogging. So, let's move ahead and know these points carefully.

# Google Adsense:
This is one of the most popular & widely used by all professional bloggers to make decent money through your website or blog. Whenever you see ads on various blog or website, there is a chance that those ads are provides by "Google Adsense". Google adsense is used to pay high amount as compared to others advertising company. Its pay per click rate is really high. 

For displaying ads by Google Adsense in your blog, you have to sign up and submit your blog url to Google Adsense for approval. Once you have submitted your blog, they will review your website or blog. After getting your website approved, you will able to display ads on your blog. 

But the problem is that, Getting accepted is very very tough task. Before applying for this program, you need to fulfill the conditions that are set by Google Adsense. I have already shared an article about the conditions that are essential for getting approved. 

# Affiliate Program:
There is a large number of affiliate programs are available world wide such as (, Bluehost, Bigrock). In this program, You have to display products on your blog and encourage your readers to buy their products. If they successfully made shopping, then you will be paid by the advertiser between 5% to 75% of the total purchase. In this way, you can make decent money. 

You can promote their products by mentioning the features, review products or showing the discount banner onto your blog. The commission depends upon the type of products and the affiliate programs.

# Selling Ad Space: 

This is really a good way of making decent money if your blog is disapproved by Google Adsense. If you do not want to display the Google Adsense ads on your blog then you can sell your ads space to the potential buyers. They will buy ads area on the monthly or yearly basis depending upon the buyers. 

They will pay you and the price of the ads space may be different for various blog because it depends on the number of traffic your blog is getting. But it is tough to find the buyers directly.

# Selling your own Products:
This is also one of the best way to make huge money. If you have developed your own software, video tutorials, e-books and could be any things that you want to sell to your reader, then it is the best place for you. 

Suppose, you have created videos on programming language then display its demo tutorial on your website. If the reader likes your tutorial, they will buy or provide some service to them like computer service, freelancer etc. to them. Businessman always uses to sell products through website or blog.

Final Words:
All the above mentioned points are the few ways to earn money online. If you labour hard, definitely you will get its benefits in the forthcoming days. 

The only success formula that I can suggest you is to keep trying, and never loose your patience. Follow some professional blogger to know more and get experience by applying on to your blog.

I hope this article will be useful and works like a success formula for any upcoming blogger. If you have any queries regarding any of these points, feel free to ask in the comment section. Please like us on facebook and follow us on twitter to get the latest updates directly into your timeline.

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