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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Best Whatsapp Alternatives for your Smart Phones [Top 5]

Most of you are using smart phones due to availability of several apps that helps you a lot in communication with others. Smart phones are among the hottest in mobile market in these days. By using smart phones, we are able to do many things like chatting, messaging, texting etc. Many applications are available in app store for doing these things. Whatsapp is among them and is one of the best messaging apps available for all platforms and has more than 450 million monthly users. Now, it is owned by facebook.
Best Whatsapp Alternatives for your Smart Phones [Top 5]

There are many alternatives of whatsapp are now available in app store for chatting and messaging purposes. Among them, I am going to describe about the top 5 alternatives.

Top 5 Alternatives To Whatsapp:
(1). WeChat:

This is one of the best alternatives of whatsapp. It has many unique features like live chat, Group chat, video call, voice chat and so on. Live chat allows you to chat with friends in live chat session. It also includes the feature of "Look Around" that means you can find other people who are using wechat app with look around enabled nearby. WeChat is cross platform and includes individuals and group messaging. Chats, contacts, social and settings are listed along the bottom and new notification appears in your timeline.

(2).Facebook Messenger:

This second app in our list is facebook messenger which  was developed by facebook team. It is available free of cost, fast, and a powerful app to stay in touch with your friends. It's same as that of texting. It has many features like you can receive your messages from friends without opening facebook, chat with friends, send images  privately, share your exact location. And the most important feature is that you can chat while using another application. It also supports free voice calls between friends who are on messenger.


It is a new communication app developed for smart phones which allows you to make voice calls free of cost and send free messages to others at any time. You can also able to exchange messages with your friends as well as group chats. It is available for every smart phones like iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia, Android, windows phone, as well as for PC. Voice and video calling is completely free with Line app. There are 10,000 stickers and emotions are available to express your emotions. It lets you share whatever you want like location information, voice message, contact very easily with your friends.

(4).BlackBerry Messenger (BBM):
BlackBerry Messenger (BBM)

Blackberry messenger in short is also known as BBM and it is one the best app for smart phones to connect with people and share your  messages , images and more things for completely free, in real time with other person. BlackBerry Messenger let you receive and send instants messages within seconds, let everybody join together and chat with friends . When you are unable to express your feeling by typing, then you can speak face to face over BBM video and even you will able to share your screen activity with others. BBM lets you communicate the way you want. It also provides channel feature which is a forum for real conversations happening right now between persons, communities and brands. You can also create your own channel by which you can share your own views with other people in the world.


The last app in our list is Telegram which was developed by Telegram LLC. It is one of the best application due to its high powerful security and it is free for life time. The main features in this app are listed below:
Private Message:  The Telegram messages are more private and secure for any users.

Cloud Based: It is based on cloud storage. Cloud based feature helps Telegram to access messages from anywhere in the world.
Fast: It is faster than other and delivers messages quickly as compared to other application.

Open: It contain an open API and protocol for every user for free.
Free: The best thing about this is that it is available with no ads, and life time free for users.

Powerful: You can chat unlimited with others without considering the size of media file.

Secure: The most important feature is that it is more secure and provides extra security from other bad guys. 

Distributed: Telegraph servers are spread everywhere in the world for increasing its speed and security.

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