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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Download Free IDM {Internet Download Manager} [Top 10 Features]

Internet Download Manager Review
IDM is world's top and best download manager and is a powerful application to accelerate download speed by 5 times, pause, resume, schedule them. The best thing is about its quick and easy integration without existing browser in your system. 
Download Free IDM {Internet Download Manager} [Top 10 Features]

It can be integrated easily in all web browsers. I am using more than 4 download managers but among them Internet Download Manager is the best one due to its most preferred user friendly features. 

Now, I am going to share the best IDM tips and tricks with you. Just read the article from top to bottom, then you will able to find how to use IDM in a proper way and utilize its complete features.

(1).Resume Broken Downloads:
Sometimes, when you try to download any file with IDM, it shows a message that says your download has been failed. And if the file has downloaded more than 60% then we got frustrated. I think no one would like to download the same file from the beginning. You can resolve this problem by "Right click" on the download file and choose "Refresh Download Address". This method may not work each time but you make sure that you should try this only whenever a pop up window similar to the one above appears.

(2).Built-in Scheduler:
IDM has a great tool to manage time for each task. It is a way to manage your connection & downloads. A queue can begin and stop at a particular time. It is possible to built and set schedule for various download queues for synchronization.

(3).Website Spider and Grabber:
The site grabber lets you to download everything from a website or subsets of websites. You can reduce loss of time using this grabber. You can also schedule a large number of grabber projects to run them, stop them at a particular time. It helps you to browse a website offline.

(4).Video Grabber:
Video Grabber provides the best way of downloading embedded videos on the webpage from the internet by providing an option at the time of watching video. Whenever you are watching video files on the internet, you can see "Download this video" popup button below or above the video. Just click on the button to download that video.

(5).Automatic Download of files:
Once IDM has been installed in your computer then some web pages automatically downloads document without any request for it. IDM provides a tool to add exceptions to stop such downloads from the "File types" Tab in the options dialogue.  

(6).Use Some Special Keys:
Some Special keys help you to control the downloading of files without opening the main IDM window. You can implement this by going to Downloads then options and click on the keys button from the General menu. You can use  it to be any of the following keys like : Alt, shift, Insert, ctrl  etc. From the download menu, you can also "turn on" or "turn off" the speed limiter.

(7).IDM with customizable Interface:
IDM lets you to choose the order, buttons, columns to appears on the main IDM window. There are several skins for the tool bar with different button styles available. You can download them from the IDM home page. Apart from this, you can create your own skins.

(8).Resume Download:
IDM has in-built feature of resuming any download file. You can resume any file and download it later whenever you need. No other download manager has this feature. Some file may not resume due to temporary url links. For this follow the 1st trick mentioned above.

(9).Download using Queues:
IDM has the ability to download multiple files at the same time using the process of queue. You can set it to download the file one after the other. 

(10).IDM file Extensions:
You can add multiple file extension like mkv, docx, ipa etc so that it can automatically search these formats and download them from the webpage immediately. To do this, go to Download ->options ->and press on the "File types" tab.

I hope guys, you will surely enjoy this article and let me know other tips and tricks apart from above in the comment box given below. And if you like this article then don't forget to share with your friends via facebook, twitter, Google Plus. 

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