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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Download Baidu Browser- The fastest and secure Browser

Baidu Browser- The fastest and secure Browser
In the world of smartphones, Android operating system is most popular and provides a lot of features to the users. All android devices have their own default browsers like chrome, UC, opera and many more. These browsers are good enough to browser any website but users are not satisfied with default browsers. Latest browsers are replacing these default browsers due to the presence of additional features. Latest browsers have good user interface, accelerates downloading speed and provides more awesome features. 
Download Baidu Browser- The fastest and secure Browser

In the previous post (2-3 months back), I have discussed about the Dolphin browser for Android. 
If you are looking for a browser that can be faster, secure and provides good user interface then this article is good for you. Fortunately, A new browser has been developed and available for android users that is Baidu Browser. In this article, we will know about it in details like its features, advantages and many more additional things that make it unique. So lets start without taking your much time.

About Baidu Browser:
Baidu Browser is a web browser developed by Baidu Search Engine for Android OS users. As you know, Baidu Search Engine is the best search engine of China. No need to worry about it because its developers have good experience of developing popular search engine. You can also guess that if Baidu search engine is good and efficient then why not Baidu Browser?. Baidu browser provides easy, secure, fast, better browsing experience to the users. T5 Engine helps Baidu browser for fast browsing. It is developed in such a way that it provides good clear texts and videos. 

Features of Baidu Web Browser:
Baidu web browser has a number of awesome features that helps it to make unique and user friendly. The features of Baidu Browser is given below.:

(1). T5 Engine Proprietary: 
Baidu Browser supports Ultra T5 Engine that is helpful to load the web pages faster, provides clear text and videos with crystal views. This is best advantage of Baidu Browser of using Ultra T5 Engine.

(2). Homepage with Multi- Functional:
This browser has got innovative multi-functional home page. Home page shows the most viewed sites, always updated world-wide news, photo portal, videos and weather information. This feature is helpful for the user to know everything at one place. The best thing is that you can customize your home page and browse anything that you finds interesting. The screenshot of the homepage of Baidu browser is shown below:

(3). Multi-Tasking Video features:
This is an interesting feature of Baidu browser because there is no restriction on your web videos. This means that you can do anything while watching videos. You can watch your favorite web video in a pop-up windows and perform all your task on the main window like texting, browsing and navigating other things on your phone. Video can be closed with a single click whenever you want. 

(4). Humanized Design:
Night mode, Fully customizable and Privacy mode are included in the Humanized design. These are the best features included in this browser to help you to customize extensions, secure your privacy and protect your eyes. 
#. Privacy mode: This feature lets you secure your privacy so that no can can get your information on the internet. 

#. Night Mode: This feature is most recommended for every users because it helps you to protect your eye at night. 

#. Customizable mode: This features lets you customize your browser. You can shift from normal mode to privacy mode with a single tap. 

(5). Gesture Browsing:
Gesture browsing helps you to do anything with your finger. You can zoom, minimize, swipe your photos easily. It simplifies the way of browsing.

(6). Protection and Quick links: 
The security and protection of data is an important thing for Internet users. This browser indentifies fraud, malicious websites to prevent you from data theft. Quick link feature is similar to other browsers. 

How to Download Baidu Browser:
Baidu web browser is available on Google Play store. It is available free of cost. You can get it from the below link: 

That's it.
Hi guys, I hope you will enjoy this awesome web browser on your smartphones. Let me know how you are feeling after using this browser in the comment box. If you have any queries, feel free to get in touch with us. Get latest updates on facebook and twitter fan page. Have a nice day!. 

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