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Thursday, May 26, 2016

A Multitude of PDF Conversion Features with Only One Tool: Able2Extract 9 [Review]

A Multitude of PDF Conversion Features with Only One Tool: Able2Extract 9: The Portable Documents Format is one of the most popular file formats in the world and for a good reason. Since it was first introduced to the public, the PDF was on a steady rise to its current status and now can't imagine transferring electronic documents without it.
A Multitude of PDF Conversion Features with Only One Tool: Able2Extract 9 [Review]

If you wish to share your files with others, but don't want them edited and compromised, you'll almost certainly use a PDF. The format is deemed uneditable and displays the same on all platforms, which are two benefits that are highly valued by people who want to send their files in a professional and secure way. The fact that Microsoft, and later Google Docs, introduced the option to save files as PDF directly from their programs only made it more widespread.

As much as we need the PDF and find it useful, this non-editable nature of the format sometimes make it difficult to work with, hence the need for PDF Conversion tools that convert files back into their original format. There are many tools and programs created for this purpose. Some of them are smaller, often free conversion tools that can create multiple or, more commonly, a single file type from a PDF.

But, if you want to go to only one place and have a variety of PDF manipulation options, which is especially useful for serious business professionals, you should try out a more powerful software. 

Convert Your PDF to the File Format of Your Choice:
Investintech's Able2Extract (Available for Windows, iOS and Linux) offers a range of choices for working with the PDF. It enables you to create editable documents from native PDFs, and even from scanned files if you upgrade to the professional software version, which includes advanced OCR (Optical Character Recognition) feature. All conversions are done with great precision and keep the authentic look of the original PDF file.

With Able2Extract, you can choose between several files formats to convert to from your PDF. The list goes from the more popular Microsoft office Word and Excel, to their Open Office equivalents Writer and Calc. A2E can also convert PDFs directly to HTML, AutoCAD formats, MS Publisher, and many image formats (BMP, JPG, PNG, GIF, TIFF).
image formats (BMP, JPG, PNG, GIF, TIFF)

There's also the "Batch" conversion option, which allows you to convert multiple PDF files at the same time, eliminating the need to open each and every one of them and converting them one at a time.

How to Convert PDF to an Editable File Formats:
The use of Able2Extract is pretty straightforward, and could be described with the following three simple steps:
Step 1:
Open the PDF file you want to convert either from the program itself with the "Open" option, or by right-clicking on the file and choosing "Open>Able2Extract" option. 

Step 2:
Select the whole document, a single page, desired page range or even a specific area on a single page that you wish to convert.

Step 3:
Choose one of many output formats offered at the top of the A2E window. When it comes to Excel, Word, Publisher, Images and AutoCAD you can customise the result of the conversion before it even starts, so you do not need to adjust anything in the converted documents if you don't need to.

How to Secure Your PDF Files?
As mentioned before, security is one of the reasons so many people use PDF to distribute their digital files. That is why the team behind Able2Extract included the option to protect PDFs. The latest Able2Extract 9 version that launched earlier this month includes the "Secure PDF" option that allows users to add password protection and file permissions, such as allowing or preventing users from printing, modifying or copying the PDF's content. This way people control how others use their files and prevent unwanted documents manipulation.

Final Words:
All in all, Able2Extract is very handy software with many useful features at your disposal that can help you to get the most out of your PDFs. Interested users can explore it for seven days at no cost. If you find this tool useful, don't forget to share it on social sites with your friends. Also, connect with us on facebook and follow on twitter to get latest updates from us. Have a nice day!.

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