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Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Best PDF Reader and Editor Tool - Soda PDF [Review]

The Best PDF Reader and Editor Tool - Soda PDF 
As you know, PDF is one of the most popular portable file format available to encapsulate text, graphics and other information. But It is little bit difficult to manage, edit and create a new pdf file. PDF is a useful format for reading e-books, creating password, decreasing file size. Reading pdf file is easy but when you are asked to convert pdf into other formats like words, jpg etc. then you need to have a tool to do that. Selecting best pdf reader and editor tool is really a difficult task that is why I am sharing this article. 
The Best PDF Reader and Editor Tool - Soda PDF [Review]

After searching on Google, I got an awesome software to perform all these things easily. The name of the software is Soda pdf which is helpful to add watermark to the background, create new pages, edit and many thing. I have already published an article about pdf converter tools, just check it out if you are not a regular reader of this blog. 
                In this article, I have discussed about Soda PDF and its awesome features that makes it different from other pdf tools. Let’s see in detail:

About Soda PDF:
Soda PDF is all in one solution for pdf that is specially designed for reading, editing, creating, managing, and converting from pdf to other formats and many more. It is simple to use and you can do any things within seconds. It was developed by LULU software in April, 2010. It has got positive reviews from masses.  

LULU company has released its several versions with specific features. It is available free of cost and saves your worthy time. Many peoples are using Soda PDF 6 but here I have listed the features of latest Soda PDF 7 version. It provides lot of services to its premium users.

Features of Soda PDF:
The latest Soda PDF is powerful and provides some extra features as compared to its previous version. Below are the list of its amazing features:
#1. Read PDF Files:
Soda Pdf readers allows you to open and read any PDF documents free of cost with lightening fast speed. Its latest version is compatible with almost all pdf files. It is simple and easy to use interface. Due to its exceptionally unique interface, it has won several awards. It provides you to read pdf file in continuous, single and full mode screen. The best thing about this software is that it allows to view its content in 3D mode with animation.

#2. PDF converter:
Soda PDF converter allows its user to convert PDF files into a number of file formats like MS word(.doc), MS Power point(.ppt) Image formats (.png, .jpeg, .gif), MS Excel, Rich Text Format(.rtf) and html formats. You can also convert other file formats back into pdf without loosing any graphics quality.

#3. Create PDF Pages:
Soda PDF 7 allows us to create new pages to  keep the information secure, private and control access to them. After selecting to use pdf document, you will find that the pdf document is compatible with any pdf reader software and does not depends upon the system. It is also recommended to convert word, excel, power point files into pdf to protect your data.

#4. PDF Editor:
Many pdf tools do not allow to edit the text,images and other contents. But, Soda PDF has solved this common problem. It provides powerful edit module to edit any thing easily. You can easily cut, copy and paste into it. Also you can able to do:

  • Change font size, type and style.
  • Reduce the file size.
  • Measurement using Ruler and guide. 
  • Extract images and replace pages.
  • Delete, move, arrange pages.

#5. Secure Sign Module:
In the digital world, you need to protect or secure your document before sharing with others. That is why, you have to create a strong password and secure level to enhance its security. It also allows you to sign the document with digital signature.

#6. OCR PDF Module:
OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition that allows to recognize text automatically, grab texts from images, and helpful to convert scanned documents into editable formats. OCR is powered by IRIS engine. 

#7. Form Module:
This is really an awesome feature that helps us to create html forms within your pdf documents. Check box, texts, buttons, and other html form features can be easily integrated. 

#8. Insert Pictures and Links:
With the help of Soda PDF insert module, you can easily insert images and links into your documents. You can also customize your pdf file by inserting header and footers. Watermarks to the page background can also be added.

#9. Virtual Drive Integration:
It is the latest feature available in Soda PDF 7 that helps to save the pdf documents onto cloud services like DropBox and OneDrive. By saving the documents on these cloud storage, you can easily access from any where.

#10. Core Engine and Installation Manager:
In Soda PDF 7, they have redesigned their installation and core engine to make it more faster. This adds an additional unique feature in the latest version.

I hope you will like this awesome pdf tool. Let me know what do you think about it in the comment box. Please do share this article on social sites to help your friends and feel free to get in touch with us. Have a nice day!!.

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