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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Ways To Log In / Sign In Multiple Accounts on Same Website At Once [How-To]

Simplest Ways To Log In / Sign In Multiple Accounts on Same Website At Once [How-To]
Most of us have more than one account in a single website for different purposes. The reason for creating multiple account may be due to business use, personal uses and so on. It is difficult to log in to multiple account at the same time in the same browser. 

Ways To Log In / Sign In Multiple Accounts on Same Website At Once [How-To]

How can we overcome this common problem? Is there any method to access multiple account at the same time in the same browser? Yes, there are many methods are available to access multiple account in a single web browser. Most of the methods are easy to use and few of them are limited to the number of account associated with a particular website. 

Ways To Access Multiple Account on Same Website At Once:
List of all these methods are listed below with clear explanation that will help you to clear your doubts:
(1).Using Incognito Window:
Incognito window is one of the best private and secure browser window available for almost all major browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera etc. To open incognito window in Google Chrome, go to "Custom and control Google chrome" at the top right corner" -> "New Incognito Window" as shown in the figure. Directly open Incognito Window by pressing "ctrl+shift+N". Then, a new window will appear and start visiting web pages and login. 
Incognito Window - Google Chrome

Using this method, you can access more than two account of same website like facebook, Gmail and many more at the same time. This method is simple but time consuming.

(2).Using multiple Browser
multiple Browser

As everyone knows, It is possible to access one account at a time in a web browser. In the similar way, open your other account in other browser and access your account. This method is easy but limited because of the availability of number of browser for PC. You can install 4-5-6 browsers in your PC that means, you can access up to 6 accounts at a time. But the problem is that, if you have more than six account and want to login all account at the same time, then this method will not work. So, let's move to the next method to overcome this problem. 

(3).Using Chrome Extension (Multi Login):

There is a chrome extension available for accessing multiple account at a same time without opening multiple browser or incognito window. The name of chrome extension is "MultiLogin" or "New Identity" that let you to access or login to multiple account. 

This is most reliable and efficient way to save our valuable time. You can download this extension from Google web store and add this. Once it is added to your browser an icon will appears on top right corner of your browser.  Click on that icon, a new tab will open and start log in whatever website you need. I recommend you to use this chrome extension.

(4).Gmail Multiple Account Sign In:
Google is the only website that provide a built  in feature to log into multiple account at once. To use this method, log in to your account and then click on "Add account" as shown in the above figure. 
Gmail Multiple Login

This feature let you to switch between multiple accounts by clicking on account name on Google home page. 

How to Access multiple accounts in Mobile Phones:
In mobile phone,you can also log in to multiple accounts on a website at same time. The steps are similar to the desktop version as discussed above. The major drawbacks of Multiple account log in method are:
(a).When you log out of one account, all your accounts will automatically be logged out for your security purposes.

(b).Only few Google products like Gmail, Youtube etc. supports this method (Multiple account log in Method) and others like Adesnse, Google drive does not support.

I hope guys, you will surely enjoy this article and let me know the other simple and best method to access multiple account of a single website in the comment box given below. If you like this article then do not forget to share it with your friends  on facebook timeline, Google Plus, Twitter and other popular social networking websites. Get connect with us on our largest official facebook fan page, twitter and Google Plus to get latest updates related to latest technology stuffs, android, tips and tricks and many more.

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