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Thursday, December 20, 2018

Why We should Collect Traffic Count Data?

Traffic data forms an integral part in the science of descriptive national economics and such knowledge is essential in drawing up a rational transport policy for movement of passengers and goods by both government and the private sectors.

This guideline considers the fact that traffic flow data is important in planning of a particular section of the road network and for its subsequent maintenance. Traffic flow pattern appears to be random in distribution, as it reflects people’s motivation in terms of different composition of vehicles on different types of roads under varying environmental conditions.

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Traffic count data helps the city make traffic management decisions, such as when to implement:
-Planning prioritization and project initiation.
-Planning maintenance
-National transport statistics
-Road safety measures
-Traffic control

Some of the areas in which traffic flow data is needed for development and management of road network are:
-When there is a programme of road widening and general improvement or there is a programme of construction and reconstruction of road. (i.e., strengthening of existing road).

-To check the efficiency of the road network by comparing current traffic volume with the level of service or the calculated capacity.

-To check the traffic volume, number of accidents and causes.

-To plan the prioritization of roads improvement schemes.

-To assess the economic benefits arising from the road improvements.

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-Assistance in planning new developments such as roads in a new town, subdivisions, land use which generally include shopping centers, hotels, commercial and industrial complexes, service stations and other traffic generators activities.

-To study future traffic trends and predicting traffic flows in future for a given period.

-To classify roads on their functional basis.

-Assessment of pavement performance through traffic surveys and period monitoring of selected sections.

-Design and improvement of existing/new junctions.

-Investigation of various capacity and design problems for both roads, bridges and parking facilities.

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